YouTube for iOS 1.1 Adds iPad Support

Federico Viticci, writing for MacStories:

The iPad version of the app is rather obvious, but still welcome: it packs a sidebar on the left side, and main content on the right side of the screen. When you tap on a video, the right portion becomes the main view hiding the sidebar and displaying suggested videos on the right. Interestingly, you can’t browse and watch videos at the same time, as the sidebar will always be hidden after you click a video’s thumbnail.

Ever since Apple removed the legacy YouTube app from iOS 6, I’ve been using Safari to browse the site, and it’s worked fine. On the iPhone, I’ve been using Google’s YouTube app, which in many ways is nicer than Apple’s was. In addition to gaining iPad support, YouTube for iOS also gets iPhone 5 and AirPlay support as well. Today’s update is welcome news to anyone who’s been wanting YouTube “officially” on their devices again. Google's done a good job with this.

The app is in the App Store now for the low, low price of nothing. Get it.