Yours Truly on 'TidBITS' and in 'The Loop Magazine'

I've been meaning to post this for a couple days, but it was a crazy week.

Earlier this week, I linked to my article for Techpinions on WWDC and accessibility, and a day after that piece ran, two other articles of mine came out. For TidBITS, I wrote about how Markdown has inadvertently proven to be a wonderful accessibility tool, enabling me to succeed as a writer despite being visually impaired. And in Issue 4 of The Loop Magazine, I wrote about how iOS's accessibility features enable me to more easily use my iOS devices.

I'm really happy with how these articles came out. My Markdown piece has garnered an incredible amount of positive feedback, and was linked to on MacStories, Daring Fireball, and Macdrifter. Also, do note that reading my piece for The Loop Magazine requires a subscription.

Hope you guys enjoy all three articles!