'Your Verse'

Apple today released a new iPad Air ad, called “Your Verse”:

While the stories are certainly impressive1, I’m not particularly moved by the ad. The production value is splendid, of course, but I’m in agreement with Stephen Hackett insofar that these kinds of ads are getting old. Where by “old”, in my opinion, we already know iPad is capable and powerful enough for filmmakers and surgeons. If Apple’s going to continue with this theme, why not show more “relatable” vignettes, where iPad is being used by children or — shameless plug time — people with special needs? I get the message Apple’s sending, but I can’t help but feel a slight disconnect watching these scenes. Exploring the depths of the ocean with the iDive is no doubt remarkable, but I’m starting to think Ben Thompson was even more correct in questioning Whose iPad Life?.

  1. See this tweet by Ben Bajarin.  ↩