Apple Releases WWDC 2013 App

Cody Fink, writing for MacStories:

Apple’s WWDC app is now available on the App Store, providing attendees with pertinent information on sessions while giving developers who are not attending a way to browse session videos. This year, Apple will be publishing videos for developers who can’t attend during the conference, instead of afterwards. Thanks to iCloud, developers can start watching a session on one device and pick it up on another. The app provides tools for scheduling session attendance, directions for finding your way around Moscone West, and the ability to leave feedback for sessions attended. Lastly, attendees can add their information to Passbook for faster on-site registration.

I'm not going to WWDC — at least, not for the actual conference — so this app is useless to me, but I link to this story because of the design of the app. If you're into reading tea leaves, then the "flatter" interface elements (e.g., the toolbar at the bottom) are a sign of things to come in iOS 7.

Or, as John Gruber so eloquently puts it:

[T]he evolution of this app shows which way the UI design wind is blowing.