Writing Professionally: Joy or Chore?

Speaking of writing, I saw a link to this article from The Guardian on iA Writer’s Twitter feed earlier tonight. It’s a bit dated (published March 2009), but nonetheless interesting and relevant. The subject centers around whether or not full-time writers enjoy their craft. As the piece mentions, Colm Toíbín doesn’t, so the editors went ahead and asked other authors for their thoughts on the matter.

The most poignant response -- the one I can closest relate to -- comes from Julie Myerson:

Writing gives me such enormous pleasure, and I’m a much happier (and therefore nicer) person when I’m doing it. There’s a place in my head that I go to when I write and it’s so rich and unexpected – and scary sometimes – but never ever dull.


I love being read, but the person I’m really always writing for is me.

This is exactly how I feel about the writing process, and about who my audience is. The feeling of being in “that place” is pretty indescribable, except to say it’s nothing short of a euphoric, almost drug-like experience.