World War III

Forget Iraq, Iran, or Afghanistan. There's a war happening right in my own backyard in Silicon Valley. If you're geeky enough like me to scour sites like CNET and Macworld multiple times daily for the latest tech news, you'd know that there's a cold war going on between Apple and Google. It's like Goliath against Goliath. The animosity has gotten so bad that there have been rumors of Apple forming the unlikeliest of alliances with Microsoft. More on that later. So why are Apple and Google so mad at each other? The reasons are many.  Let me count the ways:

  • The FTC investigating Apple and Google for anti-trust violations
  • Apple's rejection of Google's Voice app for the iPhone and iPod touch
  • Google CEO Eric Schmidt resigning his seat on Apple's Board of Directors
  • Google entered the OS business with their cloud-based system, Chrome
  • Google entered the smartphone business with the Android OS and Nexus One handset
  • Apple sues Nexus One manufacturer HTC for copyright infringement related to the iPhone
  • In light of Apple's lawsuit, Google announces it stands behind its Android partners.
  • Employee poaching -- both companies recently hired ex-workers at each company
  • Google announcing today that the Nexus One is coming to AT&T, the exclusive carrier of iPhone

And that's not even counting Apple's acquisition of maps developer Placebase (Google provides the map info for the Maps app on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad). Or that, during a recent employee meeting, Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs called Google's "Don't be evil" motto a "crock of shit". Or that Jobs reportedly feels "betrayed" by Google for stealing Apple's iPhone design (particularly Multi-Touch) and that they're out to kill the iPhone.There have even been reports of members of both companies' executive teams getting in heated arguments during meetings. It's getting pretty bloody out there. And it isn't over. As I mentioned before, the blood has gotten so bad that Apple is even considering forging an agreement with Microsoft to make their Bing search engine the default search tool across all their iPhone and Mac software. Personally, I'm very interested to see what twisted, soap opera-like turns this saga will take. And I'll be counting the days until I see a Steve Jobs-Eric Schmidt smackdown  on Celebrity Deathmatch.