Windows Phone WTF?

Rene Ritchie, on how early adopters of Windows Phone 7 got screwed:

Owners of almost brand new Windows Phones, like the Titan 2 or Nokia Lumia 900 won’t be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 8. Instead they’ll get a Windows Phone 7.8 booby prize which brings the new look, but not the new APIs needed to keep those phones relevant.

And that’s, frankly, pathetic. Microsoft should have planned better. Can you imagine the much older iPhone 4S not getting iOS 6 but getting an iOS 5.5 build that had the new colored status bar but didn’t maintain API compatibility?

Microsoft should have made sure any device sold in the last year had hardware specs that would maintain compatibility. I feel sorry for my Windows Phone friends on this one.

This is a real dick move on Microsoft’s part. Total bullshit -- who green-lighted this?!

To put this in perspective, consider that Apple’s allowing the three-year-old iPhone 3GS to run iOS 6, albeit without many of its hallmark features. Let me say that again: The three-year-old 3GS will run iOS 6. And yet, a phone like the much-ballyhooed Nokia Lumia 900 -- released a mere three months ago -- is stuck running Windows Phone 7.8. It’s crap like this that only reinforces how much of a software company Apple really is.

As Tweetbot developer Paul Haddad tweeted: