Why I Write What I Write

I’m unsure as to how far-reaching my audience is1, but it’s obvious from reading my posts here that I love technology. That I focus on Apple may get the fanboy pejorative hurled at me, but really, I only write about iPhone this and iPad that because I just really love technology. I love stuff like WWDC, writing in Markdown, and listening to geeky podcasts. If I were to rank my interests, sports and tech would likely go 1 and 1A, respectively. (Three cheers for convergence!)

In his intro piece for TechHive, Jason Snell sums up my feelings on this perfectly:

I love writing about technology because I truly believe the story of technology is the story of the future being written right before our eyes. Just in the past 10 years, tech advances have changed how we live our lives and interact with each other, in person and on the Internet. There’s no story I would rather write about[…]

At the forefront of this technological revolution: Apple. Why? Three things:

  1. The iPhone
  2. The iPad
  3. The Mac

You can call your old and tired fanboy bullshit if you’d like. Personally, I’ve found all three of these products have dramatically impacted my life for the better, pragmatically and otherwise. (The iPhone and iPad especially are game-changers.) Hence, I’ve grown to love Apple for what they give me, and I choose to write about them.

If this annoys you, I don’t really give a shit. I’m just being real.

  1. The Traffic widget gives a rough estimate, but I’m not about page views.  ↩