Why Facebook Home Isn't for Me

Ellis Hamburger and John Gruber sum it up nicely.

First, here’s Hamburger’s take for The Verge:

Facebook’s images are stunning, but how does your lock screen look when it’s actually a stream of oversaturated Instagram photos and out-of-focus baby pictures? Or worse? As of this writing, the first thing in my News Feed is an image of a friend who used AMC’s “Dead Yourself” app to mutilate her face — a grotesque sight. The next photo is a group of friends in bikinis on spring break. The third is a friend’s selfie. When you install Facebook Home (or buy an HTC First), your homescreen will be whatever your friends are posting, no matter how good, bad, or downright terrible. When you press the sleep button to unlock your device, these are the kinds of images that will come to life on-screen.

“What if our phones were designed around people, not apps?” Zuckerberg asked, but what if those people are ugly? What if you haven’t seen some of those people in five years? Yes, the News Feed you browse every day is filled with these same things, but your lock screen is the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see before you fall asleep.

And here’s Gruber’s thought:

Nicely-designed phone interface that I would personally never want to use.

If reports are true that Facebook is working with Apple to bring Home -- or at least, a modified version of it -- to iOS, then I’d certainly check it out. Being that I’m an avid Facebook user and considering how impressive the Android version seems, I’m curious to see it for myself. That said, I still maintain that Home doesn’t look to be something that I’d want to use on an everyday basis.