As I type this post, I'm also reading Macworld's review of the Thunderbolt Display, in which they note:

The 2011 27-inch iMac has two Thunderbolt ports. You can connect a Thunderbolt Display to one of the Thunderbolt ports, and then connect another Thunderbolt display to the first Thunderbolt Display. You can also connect a LED Cinema Display or a third Thunderbolt Display to the iMac’s second Thunderbolt port, for a total of four 27-inch displays. Crazy.

Four 27-inch displays. That's 14.7 million pixels! Crazy is an understatement.

(But, seriously, who really needs that many displays? That's not crazy -- that's gratuitous.)

My mind has officially been blown trying to fathom the unfathomable-yet-fathomable.