'What to Do When You're An Asshole'

Michael Schechter offers some good advice. He writes:

So, what to do? Well, there’s the obvious answer… Stop being an asshole, but that really hasn’t worked out. It’s one of those easier said than done kind of things… So what does that leave? Well, you can just be okay with being an asshole, but honestly, I’m not. I wish I was one of those people who didn’t feel bad after I did something awful, but, annoyingly, my emotional awareness tends to catch up to my impulsive actions. You can find people who like assholes, and thankfully they exist, but sadly our appeal is not quite as great as we’d like to believe. So all that’s left is to accept that you’re an asshole, but still find ways to improve.


Impulsivity and insensitivity come into play, but a big part of being an asshole is often just being defensive. It’s often all about self-protection, but more often than not, all that you end up doing is isolating yourself. Much as I tend to enjoy them, most people don’t like assholes. And when people don’t like an asshole… well, the asshole tends to become an even bigger asshole. It’s an annoying cycle for everyone, so just stop it already…

I don’t know if this piece was meant to be satirical, but I laughed the entire time reading it.

(via Brett Kelly)