Welcome to the All-New Steven's Blog

My apologies for the radio silence on the site over the last few weeks.

Shortly after the new year began, I made a decision to move Steven's Blog from WordPress to Squarespace. My reasoning for doing so is simple: I was tired of self-hosting the site. After two-and-a-half years of hosting Steven's Blog myself, I grew weary of having to update WordPress all the time, and deal with all the other technical admin stuff that went along with it. In addition, I wanted the site to get a new look; I think the new theme looks terrific. It captures much of the old site feel (with the fonts and color scheme), yet it feels fresh.

Hence, the all-new Steven's Blog.

The site is now running on Squarespace, replete with a new look and a new .co domain. Content-wise, everything that I've ever posted here will continue, but with the move, I'm introducing Link List items. Squarespace makes the process of doing this so much easier than WordPress does with their plugin system. So, there's a new wrinkle to what gets published here.

Please note there's a new RSS feed --- just click the "RSS" link at the top to subscribe.

As always, please get in touch if you have questions and/or concerns.