'Elizabeth Warren Should Run for President'

Ezra Klein, writing for Vox, gives six reasons the senator should make a run in 2016:

The best argument against Elizabeth Warren running for president is that she'll almost certainly lose — at least as long as Hillary Clinton is also running. I agree with that. It's just not a very good argument against Warren running for president. There are a lot of reasons to run for president. One of them, of course, is that you just may win. But with the exception of the presidency itself, there's no better platform for forcing your ideas to the top of the political agenda. This is true even if you lose. I hope Warren does decide to run; she'd almost certainly get my vote. I first learned of Warren in Frontline's "The Secret History of the Credit Card" documentary, where she --- then a law professor at Harvard --- was interviewed on the tactics Big Financial uses against borrowers. I really liked her opinions on this, as well as her thoughts on how the middle class is getting squeezed and how Wall Street (wrongly) rules everything. As Klein says, Warren probably won't win the Oval Office, but I hope she decides to run anyway.