On 'The History of the Walkman'

Carl Frazen for The Verge, on 35 years of Sony's iconic music player:

The first of Sony's iconic portable cassette tape players went on sale on this day, July 1st, back in 1979 for $150. As the story goes, Sony co-founder Masaru Ibuka got the wheels turning months before when he asked for a way to listen to opera that was more portable than Sony's existing TC-D5 cassette players. The charge fell to Sony designer Norio Ohga, who built a prototype out of Sony's Pressman cassette recorder in time for Ibuka's next flight. I had a Walkman in junior high school, with which I listened to a lot of Boyz II Men. Later, I transitioned to a Discman, which I used for a long while until getting my iPhone in 2007. (Believe it or not, I never owned an iPod) It's crazy to think that I'm old enough to remember cassette tapes, but I remember them well. (via The Loop)