Viva la Auto-Tune

My sincerest apologies go out to Jay-Z. Despite what he says, the Auto-Tune should never die. I don't want it to. Sure, the airwaves may be over-saturated by its presence on every other song, but it just makes everything sound so cool. I know it makes people sound better than they really do, but I don't care. If T-Pain's iPhone app can make me sound good, then I'm all for it. Whether it be Lil Wayne and friends talking about some lady named Mrs. Parker or Weezy likening oral sex to licking a lollipop or Kanye and Young Jeezy talking about how amazing they are, it all sounds great to me. Like I said, I know the effect is purely artificial, but it sure makes my ears happy. Too bad the (other) Mr. Carter doesn't feel that way.