'iPad Mini for Content Creation'

Federico Viticci makes a case that the iPad Mini can be used for creation, too:

With the second-generation iPad mini, Apple is adding a Retina display and the 64-bit A7 CPU to the device while effectively keeping the same weight, battery life, and overall portability. The higher-resolution display will be a big deal for people who, like me, prefer touch-typing on the mini’s screen but found its display obviously lacking when compared to the third and fouth-generation iPad. This means that, later in November, you’ll get a device as powerful as the iPad Air, with the same display and CPU, only in a smaller form factor and with a lighter body. That’s an insanely good deal.


With the iPad Air and new iPad mini, choice doesn’t come down to creation or consumption. It’s much simpler: if you like the larger screen, you get the iPad Air; if you prefer the smaller iPad and saving $100, you get the iPad mini. Don’t let others’ theories convince you: both iPads will be equally powerful and versatile for work and entertainment. Each of them will have its pros and cons, and you should consider how those will relate to how you want to “create” or “consume” content on an iPad.

Federico’s solid argument has me 95% certain I’m getting a Retina Mini. I still plan to play with both new iPads before making a final decision, but this piece has me swaying towards the Mini. I trust Federico’s judgment — especially considering all the work he does on iOS.