Federico Viticci's Backup Strategies

The MacStories chief explains how he feels about backing up his data:

I’m not as anxious about backups as I used to be. With the move from local storage to cloud services, I feel comfortable knowing that my documents always exist somewhere. I see this every time I set up a fresh install of OS X: my documents, passwords, and photos are in Dropbox and Evernote, my music is on Rdio, my purchased apps are on the Mac App Store, and if they’re not, I have a license saved in my Gmail account. My movies and TV shows are on Plex and iTunes in the Cloud.

I’m not saying backups aren’t important. But I’m lucky enough to not having to work with large files that require local storage, and I know that restoring my Mac from scratch isn’t as painful as it would have been three years ago.

I’m in agreement with Viticci here. In my case, I have two backups running at all times: one local (Time Capsule via Time Machine) and one remote (Backblaze). This setup works well for me, so I don’t stress out over a potential hard drive crash. Likewise, I keep my 1Password keychain and all my documents in Dropbox, so my Mac has effectively nothing “mission critical” on it.

I’m hoping to upgrade to a new Mac this year -- a 13" Retina MacBook Pro -- and I’m pretty confident that given my workflow, migrating to the new machine shouldn’t be terribly painful.

(via Stephen Hackett)