'Why the iPad Became My Main Computer'

Federico Viticci reviews the iPad Air 2 for MacStories:

The iPad, for me, is a product of intangibles. How its portable nature blurs the line between desktop computers and mobile. How a vibrant developer community strives to craft apps that make us do better work and record memories and enjoy moments and be productive and entertained. The iPad, for me, is a screen that connects me with people and helps me with my life's work anywhere I am. Transformative and empowering, with the iPad Air 2 being its best incarnation to date. Not for everyone, still improvable, but absolutely necessary for me. And, I believe, for others.

Liberating. The iPad is a computer that lets me work and communicate at my own pace, no matter where I am.

Like Federico, my iPad Air 1 is effectively my main computer. Nearly every one of my freelance articles are written on my iPad --- on the soft keyboard, no less --- as well as the majority of my Web browsing, Twitter, email, and so on. There is an accessibility angle to this, as the iPad's design makes it easier to hold and see, but the main reason is that the iPad gets the job done. I don't need a full-blown Mac for most tasks, and I appreciate iOS's one-app-at-a-time approach. It's refreshing.