‘The Snapping Point’

I enjoyed this story by Casey Newton and Nick Statt for The Verge on Snapchat and its founder and CEO, Evan Spiegel.

The public face and chief strategist at the company has been Spiegel, an obsessive product mind who reveres Steve Jobs, former employees say. (Spiegel has a portrait of Jobs hanging in his office.) Like Jobs, Spiegel is known to involve himself in seemingly minor decisions involving office aesthetics. He once ordered employees’ individual trash cans in New York City be removed in favor of communal receptacles, because he disliked the look of so many trash cans in the office, one source said. This week, he personally co-sponsored the company’s New Year’s Eve party, where public snaps were banned.

Despite my tech savvy, Snapchat continues to befuddle me. I’m old.