Verbal Seduction

If there's one thing I absolutely couldn't live without -- my iPhone and a certain mythical beast's tech punditry aside -- it's music. Music makes my world go 'round. Music makes me happy. Music allows me to live vicariously through artists whose musical abilities far exceed my own. And music and Zunes go together about as well as water and chocolate or Justin Bieber and Tom Brady. Listening to music relaxes me. It lets my mind wander. I can't go a day without listening to something. I love my rap and rock and R&B. Even some Bob Dylan and The Beatles too. I know I probably shouldn't listen to my tunes as loud as I do, but that's part of the charm for me, even if I am an audiologist's worst nightmare. I wish I knew how to play piano like Mike Shinoda, rap like Eminem, and make beats like Timbaland. And someday, I will go to my first concert. So what've I been listening to lately? Ah, an excuse to embed some YouTube videos! [youtube=][youtube=][youtube=] Most people I know don't care for my musical tastes and that's fine, but that's what makes music one of the most subjective things around. People should be so glad I'm not literally stapling people's balls to desks or bragging about the length of my dick external reproductive anatomy. The music isn't THAT powerful. If anything, listening to this decidedly adult selection of music allows me to escape the fact that I sing "Wheels on the Bus" and "Matilda Gorilla" with preschoolers for a living. Not exactly the kind of stuff I wanna have stuck in my head after a long day. After all, music keeps me sane. Music is my salvation. Those guys are my saviors.