Uber Self-Driving Cars Roll Out in San Francisco

Mike Isaac, reporting for the New York Times:

On Wednesday, Uber again highlighted its special relationship with San Francisco. The company has started offering its self-driving car service to passengers here, making it the second place in the world where Uber offers autonomous vehicles for public use.

It also marks the debut of the XC90 self-driving car, a Volvo sport utility vehicle outfitted with lidar, a kind of radar based on laser beams; wireless technology; and seven different cameras. It was produced in collaboration with Uber’s Advanced Technologies Center, the company’s driverless tech division based in Pittsburgh. Uber began offering self-driving car service in Pittsburgh this year.

BuzzFeed reported that one of the self-driving cars ran a red light, to which Uber responded by saying that it was due to "human error." Furthermore, the California DMV isn't at all happy with Uber's autonomous vehicles, saying that they're "illegal."

Personally, I'm bullish on self-driving tech. See this thread on Twitter for insight.