Twitter for iOS 7.0 Features Major Redesign

Twitter on Thursday released version 7.0 of its Twitter client for iOS, which sports a significant visual overhaul. While it took me some time to get it, I have it now and am very impressed. The entire UI has bolder text and icons, as well as rounded buttons for posting tweets, etc. Everything on screen is super high contrast. It fits in well with what Apple showed off with iOS 11 at WWDC. And, of course, Twitter's dark mode remains, in my opinion, to be the best in the business. My only gripe is I wish the profile view stayed in the tab bar. It'd be nice if you could customize what's down there, a la Tweetbot.

The official Twitter app is often derided by nerds because the company does things to its app that aren't particularly user-friendly, such as implementing an algorithmic timeline and inserting "promoted" tweets. Personally, I'm not bothered by these things so much—it isn't ideal, but as a whole, I think the official app has gotten quite good. It's better in many ways than third-party options, and its accessibility support game is strong. I think most people overlook that aspect.

It wasn't long ago that I was a diehard Tweetbot fan, and never thought I'd come to sing the praises of the official app. But here we are; funny how perspectives change with time.