Twitter Revokes Instagram's Access to the 'Find Friends' API

Brad McCarty, reporting for The Next Web:

Twitter has apparently shut off pieces of its API access to Instagram, blocking Instagrammers from the Twitter section of “Find Friends” inside of the app.


Now it’s worth noting that this isn’t a revocation of the entire API from Instagram. Rather it’s just the portion that allows for the searching of friends. You’ll still be able to push your photos to Twitter.

This is a real dick move by Twitter whether or not, as McCarty notes, the revocation is due to Facebook acquiring Instagram and/or Twitter’s charging more for the use of the API.

From a user perspective, this move is bothersome because I liked using the Find Friends thing to look up people I started following on Twitter. (There’s a lot of cross-following on both platforms.) Further, this move is rather ominous given that Twitter seems to want to kill off third-party client support. Again, from a user perspective, this would be a major dick move insofar that I couldn’t use Tweetbot anymore.

Twitter’s definitely being consistent -- consistent at delivering a dickish experience.

(via Marco Arment)