Twitter Adds User Tagging, Multiple Photos Support

Matthew Panzarino, reporting for TechCrunch:

Twitter has announced a couple of additions to its image offerings today, including the ability to tag up to 10 people in a photo without using any precious characters up. You’ll also now be able to attach up to four photos to a tweet, and Twitter will automatically craft a collage for you. The people-tagging feature will undoubtedly offer Twitter a way to increase the density of its social graph. Adding the ability to link people to specific photos provides Twitter with information about the photo, but also additional relational links between individuals on the platform. [...] Adding multiple photo support is cool, and it looks fairly nicely implemented. It will likely increase the number of photos shared on the service dramatically, and will assist those who use it in a news capacity. It never hurts Twitter to have more people sharing more photos. Let's hope that Twitter stays true to its word that these features will come to third-party clients, as I much rather use Tweetbot than the official first-party app. Tagging I could live without, but the multiple photo support would be very handy.