Tapbots to Users: 'Don't Panic'

Lead developer Paul Haddad says Tweetbot will live on despite Twitter’s API changes:

There’s been a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt generated by Twitter’s latest announcement. I wanted to let everyone know that the world isn’t ending, Tweetbot for Mac is coming out soon, Tweetbot for iOS isn’t going anywhere. So sit down, grab a towel and let’s go over some of these API changes.


The beta of Tweetbot for Mac will be coming soon, shortly followed by the final release in the Mac App Store. All three versions of Tweetbot are based on the same low level code base, so once that’s out we expect to continue to add new and exciting features to all 3 apps.

This is encouraging news, as I was worried Tweetbot might disappear sooner than later.

In a doomsday scenario, I’d use the official clients, but I’d much prefer not to. Tapbots has done such a great job with Tweetbot that I feel like it and Twitter go hand-in-hand, at least in my experience. The Mac version, even in its alpha state, has been a joy to use. (Can't wait for iCloud syncing of my timeline.)

(via Daring Fireball)