Tweetbot for Mac Hits Mac App Store

Mark Jardine, in an announcement on the Tapbots blog:

We are very happy to announce that Tweetbot for Mac is finally available for sale on the Mac App Store! It’s been a long (and bumpy) road, but we are glad we have finally made it to the 1.0 milestone. This is our first official Mac App from Tapbots (unless you want to count Pastebot Sync), and thanks to Todd Thomas for all his hard work, we have something to be proud of. But it doesn’t end here. We are working on version 1.1 and have much more coming to all versions of Tweetbot.

I’ve spent the last few months using the alphas/betas, so I’m excited to see the official 1.0 release. Honestly, I can’t tell a difference from the last beta (v0.8.1) and the 1.0, but by far my favorite feature is iCloud syncing of my timeline. It’s going to be awesome having my feed be in the same position across all my devices.

I had no problem paying my $20 for this piece of exquisite software I use every single day.