Tweetbot for Mac

Federico Viticci talks Tweetbot for Mac:

Is there any doubt that Tweetbot will become the Twitter client for Mac? Currently, the app is #2 Top Paid for iPhone, #3 for iPad

Count me as another who’s really excited for this.

On the Mac, I’m currently using Osfoora. It’s good, but I’ll switch to Tweetbot in a heartbeat once Tapbots releases it. On my iOS devices, I won’t use any other Twitter client but Tweetbot -- it is, hands down, the best Twitter client on iOS. I’ve been yearning for it to come to the Mac1 because it feels weird not having it there. Again, Osfoora is good, but I’m sure Tweetbot will be better. And better still, the Mac version will mean I’m using the same app on all my devices, making for a frictionless workflow/experience.

Here’s hoping that Tweetbot for Mac is released sooner than later.

  1. Other apps I long for: MarsEdit for iOS and Sparrow for iPad.  ↩