Tweetbot 3 for iPhone Arrives

Matthew Panzarino, in his review for TechCrunch of yesterday’s huge iOS 7 update:

That sense of joy permeates the app, with subtle animations and wonderfully redone audio cues. Everything is lighter, brighter and more readable overall. Within a couple of days of using the new app it was nearly impossible for me to look at the old version of Tweetbot for any extended period. It felt dark, static and very, very old. Part of this is the natural effect that iOS 7′s ‘shock to the system’ has had on all apps, but a lot more of it is a careful re-evaluation of what makes Tweetbot work.


The incredibly useful and feature-rich nature of Tweetbot, thankfully, has remained in full force. This is truly the preferred client of Twitter power users in every way. There’s no comparison between the utility of Tweetbot and the Twitter apps that are currently offered for iOS. We’ve heard that there is a redesign still in the works at Twitter, and that’s good because as it is, there’s simply no reason for heavy tweeters to use those apps over Tweetbot.

I hurried to the App Store and paid my $3 without blinking — I was waiting for this app. It’s really great. I love the animations of the gesture “cards” moving back and forth upon first launching the app, and the new sounds are terrific. From an accessibility perspective, the lighter and brighter aesthetic makes everything much easier to see, which makes my eyes very happy. Best $3 I’ve spent in awhile; my favorite iOS app period got even better.

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