Introducing My 'Other Blog'

Yours truly has launched a second website on Tumblr. To wit:

In all honesty, I’m unsure as to what this site’s purpose is. I already run a smaller-than-small personal blog, so why a second site? Well, lately I’ve been finding that my Pinboard account has been growing larger and larger by the day, replete with stuff that I’d like to possibly link to on my main site. Thing is, some of the stuff ends up on the cutting room floor, so to speak, for one reason or another. What this means is I have lots of interesting tidbits that effectively have nowhere to go. So, my idea is that this here “other blog” (how aptly-named, if not original or imaginative) will act as the forum for the aforementioned misfit links. In addition, I don’t post much in the way of photos or videos on the mothership, so I’m thinking this place would be good for sharing more eye candy-ish content. There may be some cross-posting occasionally, but I’ll do my best to determine where things best fit. I want both my sites to assume their own identities. Anyway, I don’t know how frequently I’ll throw stuff on here, but this first post is a start.

Not much else to add. If you want to follow along, click the RSS link at the bottom of the page.