Timbuk2 to Launch Apple Store Exclusive Bags

Matthew Panzarino, writing for The Next Web:

At the show, there were several new bags on display, some of which we’ll be reviewing later. In addition, however, there are three new bags being produced exclusively for sale in Apple Stores. The bags were hand-picked by and hand-made specifically for the team that runs the store buying team.

This is part of an ongoing program whereby Apple reaches out to manufacturers that they feel match up with the company aesthetic to make products bespoke for sale in their retail locations. We’ve come across mention of this program before among bag and accessory manufacturers. Always forward-thinking, always stylish and always made to fit Apple products perfectly. Last year (and most likely this year) we hear that a team came to CES to hand-pick stuff for the program (as well as for employee gifts).

The Finder and Launchpad bags look sweet. I especially like the orange accents on the Finder.

I have a few Timbuk2 bags, and they’re great. Functional and stylish. What sets theirs apart is the ability to trick out your bag to look however you want, although I’ve only ordered stock designs. That said, I’m loving my medium-sized Cafe Bag from Tom Bihn that I got for Christmas. I’m a fan now.