'Thinking Outside the Watch'

Federico Viticci, in a thoughtful piece for MacStories:

The current crop of smartwatches feels like a replay of smartphones before the iPhone. Smartphones were bulky, had some convenient features, and tried to cram old metaphors of PC software into a new form factor, resulting in baby software. Most smartwatches I see today are bulky, have some convenient features, and try to cram features and apps from smartphones and tablets into a form factor that’s both new and old (watches have been around for centuries), but the “smartwatch” tech gadget has become a trend only recently. As a result, smartwatches on the market today appeal mostly to tech geeks who are interested in some of those few interesting features (namely notifications, map directions, and the intersection of smartphones and watches), but they’re not really smart because they generally fetch data from a primary device – the smartphone – and they’re not really good as watches either. With regards to wearable computing devices, the aspect that most interests me is the accessibility. I'm very interested in seeing what Apple does accessibility-wise for their "iWatch", or whatever they're working on. I find the Pebble's monochrome display to be pretty inaccessible, visually. Anything that Apple puts out has to be better in this sense for me to get any sort of utility out of it.