Considering Type to Siri on iPad Pro

Federico Viticci, in his latest iPad Diaries column for MacStories:

The beauty of Type to Siri lies in the fact that it's regular Siri, wrapped in a silent interaction method that leaves no room for misinterpretation. For the tasks Siri is good at, there's a chance Type to Siri will perform better than its voice-based counterpart because typed sentences can't be misheard.


Type to Siri likely wasn't designed with this productivity angle in mind, but the mix of a physical keyboard, system frameworks, and SiriKit turns Siri into a useful, quiet iPad sidekick that saves me a few seconds every day and lets me keep my hands on the keyboard at all times.

Type to Siri wasn't built with productivity top of mind, but as I tweeted, Federico’s piece is a prime example of accessibility for everyone.