Thoughts on Dating

What follows probably doesn’t paint me in the best light, but I’m posting it anyway. The text file has been sitting on my desktop for a month now and I don’t know what (else) to do with it. Why not share it, right?

Some background on the piece: I originally planned to appear on my friend’s podcast but instead opted to write this, which was then shared on-air. (I was nervous about going on.)

What frustrates me about being single isn’t so much that I’m single, but rather I don’t have a partner to share things with. In other words, I’m not so “needy” that my life is devoid of all purpose without a girlfriend, but I do admit to being somewhat lonely without a special someone. This is especially true when you consider most of my family and friends are in steady relationships and/or married.

I get frustrated because it seems like the majority of the women I’ve come across either gloss over me because a) I’m short; and b) they just see me as a “friend”. As for the latter, I really believe it’s that I’m so short that they automatically put me in the “friend zone”. It’s rather disheartening because I feel like I’m being punished for something I have absolutely no control over. Bottom line: I just want to find someone who’ll like/love me for the person I am, not measured up against some arbitrary checklist. As far as dating goes, my experience has been one date. After that, the woman never talks to me again or, again, just wants to be friends.

What I’m looking for is pretty standard: funny, intelligent, open-minded, affectionate, etc. I want to meet a woman who has her life together, someone preferably Asian (I’ve always found Asians very attractive), and someone who isn’t hung up on the fact she’ll do all the driving and, at best, be okay with us being the same height, more or less.