On Superpowers

Thomas Brand wrote a terrific piece that I totally relate to:

Everyone has at least one superpower. Something they can do exceptionally well. Some people are good listeners, others great orators. There are people that can make friends in an empty room, and those who remain loyal to their friends for life. Some people remember faces, others facts, others numbers. There are talented story tellers who work with words. Celebrated musicians who can tell stories with sounds. You don't have to be a vet to have a strong connection with animals, or a farmer to have a strong connection with the land. Degrees and titles rarely mark the presence of a true superpower. There are chefs among us that know there way around any kitchen, and sailors who have always felt at home on the sea. Within any sized group you will find determined athletes with great physical strength, creative artists with powerful imaginations, and curious scholars who explore the unknown. Most people have a mix of natural abilities, but the gifts we call superpowers often are tempered through training and experience.

Thomas and I have a lot in common insofar that we're both legally blind, and we both write. I don't know about three, but I do know one superpower that I have: my ability to write. I love doing it, and I'm grateful that it's always come easy to me. That isn't true for many others.

(via Stephen Hackett)