This Year's AL/NL Final Vote

ESPN, reporting the results of this year’s AL/NL Final Vote for the All Star Game:

Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish and St. Louis Cardinals third baseman David Freese were picked for the All-Star Game in online fan voting, Major League Baseball announced Thursday.

Darvish beat Chicago’s Jake Peavy, Baltimore’s Jason Hammel, Kansas City’s Jonathan Broxton and Los Angeles’ Ernesto Frieri to garner the final American League spot. He also became the eighth Ranger to be named to the All-Star Game.


In the NL, Freese secured his spot over 19-year-old Washington rookie Bryce Harper, Atlanta’s Michael Bourn and Arizona’s Aaron Hill.

I’ve never been an American League fan, so Darvish’s selection means nothing to me.

The National League choice, however, is much more interesting. I tweeted about this earlier, but I’m very surprised Bryce Harper didn’t get the nod. He’s arguably the most hailed, put-under-a-microscope rookie baseball’s seen in a long time. He’s only 19 years old and playing well. I was under the assumption that given all the hoopla and the fact he’s doing well would mean the fans would want to see him. (Remember, the final spot on each league’s respective roster is decided entirely by the fans.) While I realize Harper will likely be selected to many ASGs before his career’s over, it’s nonetheless interesting that Harper missed the cut.