'This is Cook's Apple'

Kyle Baxter, in a great piece on “Apple’s New Beginning”:

Famously, Jobs said that the people at Apple shouldn’t try to make decisions by asking themselves what he would have done. Instead, he said, they should just do what’s right. Clearly, Cook took that to heart. This is Cook’s Apple, and they are not constraining themselves by what feels Jobs-like. Cook hasn’t confused the trappings of Jobs’s Apple—how Jobs managed the company—for its heart: an irrepressible desire to make insanely great products that improve people’s lives and give them joy.

Apple, then, has changed significantly since 2011. Things are quite different at the top than they were then, and to my eyes, Apple seems more open to the world than its ever been in important ways, too. But those changes have all been made so that Apple can continue doing what they always have. This may be Cook’s Apple, but the core is just as it’s always been.

Very well said.

Cook isn’t the “product guy” Jobs was, but does have people that are product-oriented — and he lets them work. Judging by what we saw during this year’s WWDC keynote, Apple’s senior executives are doing a fine job of being the collective “product people” for the company.