The Unintentional Narcissist

It really sucks having to explain the "" part of my email address. And I totally blame Apple for having to endure such aggravation. As much as I love their cloud-based MobileMe service for its push everything and rich suite of Web apps, I really hate the "" mail suffix. For all their marketing genius (the iPad name notwithstanding), you'd think that someone in an R&D meeting would've piped up and said, "Gee, dontcha think is a little...well, narcissistic?" Phil Schiller (Apple's SVP of Worldwide Product Marketing) claims it's "easy to remember". Right, Phil. Wanna know why it's so easy to remember? Because it's totally egocentric! It's like toddlerhood -- all about me, me, me. It's just so needlessly painful to try to explain why my email address is what it is and then explain to them what MobileMe is. You get all defensive and say that you didn't pick out the name. Or that Apple engineers must've developed the service while in a drunken stupor one night. Or that you're not a narcissist and would never choose such a self-absorbed address on your own volition. Or that Mr. Schiller is a (well-paid) Apple minion who sacrifices PCs to the God of Stephen P. Jobs every night. Or something like that. On the bright side, what you get out of the service makes up for having to withstand the strange looks, snickering, and newbie questions. Who knew email addresses could elicit such mockery?