'The Talk Show' Reviewed

David Smith offers the perfect description of The Talk Show in his review of the podcast:

Perhaps the easiest way to judge if you’d enjoy The Talk Show is to imagine yourself in a bar on a Friday night. Cocktail in hand. Blowing off some steam after a long week. You sit down and discover that at the table next to you is John Gruber and handful of friends. You can tell their conversation is lively but a bit too quiet to easily make out. Would you want to lean back so you could better overhear them?

I know I would.

The Talk Show is an opportunity to listen in as some of the most thoughtful and best informed people in the industry discuss topics of interest to anyone in the software development, design or technology business. Occasionally the conversation may lead into tangents and sidetracks but these are most often into topics that would also be of interest.

Not only is Gruber one of my favorite writers1, his show is also my favorite podcast. I never miss it.

(via Marco Arment)

  1. Gruber’s writing is superb in terms of content, but he’s also a great writer, technically speaking.  ↩