The Sweet Setup Goes Live

In the introductory essay, “The Dime Tour”, founder Shawn Blanc writes:

There are so many fantastic apps and other tools to help us with all these tasks. And that’s why I built this site. Because I want to use the best tools for whatever the task is and I bet you do, too.

We don’t do fly-by-night scans of the latest apps and then share the top 20 based on which ones had cool screenshots in the App Store. Nor do we recommend apps that we haven’t actually used. The apps we recommend here are the apps we use ourselves. And they’re only recommended after comparing them to the competition, using them in real life, and considering several other practical factors, such as if the price is reasonable, if the app is likely to be updated in the future, etc.

The new site looks fantastic, aesthetically, and the content so far is great too. Here’s hoping he takes me up on my suggestion sooner than later.

The Sweet Setup is definitely the place to go for the best in Mac and iOS apps. Check it out!