'The Sporting News' Ceases Print Edition

Derek Gould, writing for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

For many people my age and older, the Sporting News was our Internet. It would arrive through the mail and it would offer a bounty of baseball information – features, columns, notes, box scores for clipping, ads for Abstracts and baseball cards and ball caps. Moved to St. Louis in the late 1880s and rooted there for more than a century, TSN was spearheaded to prominence by J. G. Taylor Spink. Under his guidance, The Sporting News was called “The Bible of Baseball” for a reason. It was essentially the paper of record for the national pastime. Spink was born in St. Louis, covered major-league baseball in St. Louis, and the award for writers at the National Hall of Fame is named for him.

The magazine he grew may very well be the genesis of St. Louis’ claim as America’s best baseball city. It certainly was a major contributor to that reputation.

Reading this piece made me sad -- this truly is an end of an era. One of my fondest memories as a kid is going to the bookstore just as spring training opened to see if the new baseball (my first love) yearbooks and guides were in. I collected the same material for football, hockey, and basketball too, but the baseball stuff were my most cherished. That TSN is ceasing its print business is yet another reminder than my childhood is long gone.

See also: my piece from a few months ago on how I miss sports reference books like TSN.