The Sport of Clowns

Aside from Dubya, there isn't a person on the planet I loathe more than MLB Commissioner Bud Selig. He and his deep-pocketed cronies have so bastardized the sport I love most -- baseball -- that it's become a three-ring circus that would make PT Barnum proud. A circus that's been 15 years in the making. Ever since the strike in 1994, the game has gone from National Pastime to National Absurdity. The ball is juiced. Players are juiced. Ballparks are smaller. There's too many teams. Too many players that don't belong. Home runs are about as routine as a pop out. Then there's the winner of the All Star Game getting home field advantage in the World Series. Or the Wild Card system where mediocre, barely-above-.500 teams can battle it out for the postseason. Nothing says excitement and the best of the best like an 80-win, second-place finisher winning the pennant. Ah, but the fans like it. The average fan doesn't know any better. The people that live and die by Barry Bonds being the HR king and Albert Pujols being the second coming of Lou Gehrig are probably the same people who voted for Bush twice. And let's not forget that what baseball is today puts lots of money in the pockets of the owners. Forget preserving the integrity of the sport or showing respect towards history -- 15 wins is good enough to win Cy Youngs and striking out 200+ times is acceptable. Let's lower the bar even more so the fans can trip over it. But Selig and friends are happy. They make their billions while selling a half-assed product to a nation of easily-led automatons. It's like trying to pass a Yugo off as a Mercedes. How fitting is the current state of baseball when it's being overseen by a former used-car salesman. He knows how to sell lemons, alright. Too bad the sport is too far gone to make lemonade.