The (Really) Real Slim Shady

My favorite rapper that everybody else loves to hate, Eminem, released a new album yesterday. It's called Recovery and I think it's Slim Shady's Mr. Mather's best album to date. As much as I love the absurdity of tracks like "Fack" and "We Made You" among others, Eminem, in my opinion, is much better when he's talking about real shit -- think "Lose Yourself" -- and his normal flow sounds better, too.  That's why I think his latest album is so good. The real Slim Shady is best when he's not...well, Slim Shady. Your mileage may vary, but one thing's for sure: he can still roast 'em after all these years; Marsh is definitely not mellow on this album. The following tracks are the best (to me, of course) off Recovery. Links are to YouTube:

Between this album and Drake's debut, my ears are getting quite the (happy) workout.