Supreme Court on Gay Marriage: 'Who Gives a Shit?'

The Onion, in a parody of the oral arguments:

“Yeah, of course gay men and women can get married. Who gives a shit?” said Chief Justice John Roberts, who interrupted attorney Charles Cooper’s opening statement defending Proposition 8, which rescinded same-sex couples’ right to marry in California. “Why are we even seriously discussing this?”

This “report” is obviously fake, but the sentiment is absolutely real.

Let same-sex couples marry if they want to. If religious groups don’t like it, they can refuse to recognize the marriage under their doctrine. In a legal context, marriage is nothing more than a contract. The state can’t infringe on two consenting adults willfully entering into an agreement simply because they object to their sexual orientation. That’s discriminatory.

Parody aside, I can’t see the justices upholding Proposition 8 as constitutional.

(via Marco Arment)