The Market Share of Sugar Water

The Seattle Times reports on the top ten soda brands by market share:

Top 10 soda brands by market share as of 2010:

Coke (Coca-Cola): 17 percent

Diet Coke (Coca-Cola) - 9.9 percent

Pepsi-Cola (PepsiCo)- 9.5 percent

Mountain Dew (PepsiCo) - 6.8 percent

Dr. Pepper (Dr. Pepper Snapple) - 6.3 percent

Sprite (Coca-Cola) - 5.6 percent

Diet Pepsi (PepsiCo) 5.3 percent

Diet Mountain Dew (PepsiCo) 2 percent

Diet Dr. Pepper (Dr. Pepper Snapple) 1.9 percent

Fanta (Coca-Cola) 1.8 percent

A couple thoughts on this:

  1. Coke is winning!
  2. It’s interesting that this data is published now, in 2012, when the numbers are from 2010. Did beverage-maker analysts not compile any data last year?

(For the record, I drink both Coke and Pepsi interchangeably, but mostly prefer Coke. Fuck the diet shit.)

(via Ben Brooks)