'The Magazine' Gets Full Text Sharing & Web Subscriptions

Marco Arment, in announcing the new features on his site:

[S]haring links to The Magazine’s articles hasn’t really been a great proposition. You’d share a link, and everyone would just see the truncated teaser. Some of them would subscribe and see the rest, but most would get turned off by the truncation and just abandon the effort, as we web readers tend to do. Most people with big followings would quickly realize this and, understandably, avoid linking to our articles.

This was a big concern of mine as I worked on getting in with Glenn and Marco, and started writing my piece. I got a lot of questions from people1 who obviously wanted to read what I’d written, but were hesitant to subscribe. (My article was made available to all after Apple featured it on Hot News.) These new additions alleviates these concerns, and I’ll be sure to let people I know to make note of this.

  1. The vast majority of my family and friends are non-geeks. They want to support my writing, but aren’t the types to subscribe to a geek-centric publication like The Magazine. Hence, everyone who’s read my article has done so via the website after it was made fully available.  ↩