Read 'The Magazine' Archive Free for a Limited Time

My friend and The Magazine editor and publisher, Glenn Fleishman, writes on his blog:

We have published about 200 articles since October 2012 on a huge range of interesting subjects: reintroducing wood bison back to Alaska, the background to serious cosplay from people who make elaborate and fantastic outfits, the last performance of Trek in the Park in Portland, a woman named Amelia Earhart who retraced her namesake's worldwide trip (successfully), DIY medical equipment, and, wow, a lot more. The archives are free for all to peruse for a month --- 4 weeks, Glenn says --- in line with the new app launch. I've been a subscriber from the beginning, and can't recommend the publication highly enough. Glenn's done a great job running it, and I'm honored to have played a small role in its success.