'The Legend of Batkid'

My friend Karen Datangel chronicles how San Francisco Gotham City was saved by Batkid:

At the end of the day, thousands of citizens gathered at City Hall to thank Batkid for saving the day. For his heroism, Batkid was honored by Mayor Ed Lee with a Key to the City, another Key made out of yummy chocolate, and a framed San Francisco Chronicle front page featuring the day’s stories. The Mayor also declared that November 15 is now Batkid Day!


Kudos to all those who came together to make this vision a lovely reality, a day no one will ever forget, and kudos to Batkid for his unwavering courage. Batkid forever!

Batman has long been my favorite superhero, so it made me appreciate this story even more.

Buy the premise, buy the bit — Miles deserved it all. So great.