California Legalizes Google's Self-Driving Cars

Claire Cain Miller, writing for the NYT’s Bits blog:

California drivers could soon see cars on the road driving themselves, courtesy of Google and the state government.

On Tuesday at Google’s headquarters, the governor of California, Jerry Brown, signed into law a bill to legalize driverless cars. The bill had overwhelmingly passed the State Legislature. Google, which has been building the cars, says they are safer because they nearly eliminate human error. They could also be more fuel-efficient, the company says, and place California and the United States at the forefront of automobile innovation.

Maybe this’ll mean someday I won’t need to rely on walking, being chauffeured, or public transit to get around.

The article mentions these self-driving vehicles as potentially increasing driver safety, but it also has the potential to be huge for people like me whose visual impairments preclude them from driving currently.

Let’s just hope these cars are affordable at some point during my lifetime.

(via Nick Bilton)