The iPhone 5C and Feelings

Rene Ritchie, in closing his review for iMore of the iPhone 5C:

I’m a geek and my brain is all-in on the iPhone 5s. But a little piece of my heart is with the 5c. If a non-geek member of my family were asking for a recommendation, the iPhone 5c would more than likely be it.

I haven’t seen the 5C in person (yet), but this matches my feelings exactly.

Like Ritchie, I’m a nerd who jumped on the 5S for all it has to offer. Admittedly, though, there were moments leading up to ordering in which I toyed with the idea of getting a 5C. The colors — especially the blue one — really are appealing to me, and there’s no shame in the 5C’s same-as-last-year’s-iPhone–5 internals. Still a great phone, even today. So, yes, put me down as another whose heart, at least in spirit, is with the 5C. All the more reason for me to make the trek to my nearest Apple Store to see it for real.

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