The iPad Cometh

Almost. Early this morning -- 5:30 Pacific, to be exact -- Apple began accepting pre-orders for their much-anticipated Multi-Touch tablet. Those who pre-order can either have the device shipped (with delivery on 4/3) or reserve one for pick up at their friendly neighborhood Apple Retail Store. The Wi-Fi model will ship first, with the Wi-Fi+3G version shipping later in April. Today's pre-ordering bonanza ( 50K sales in 2 hours) has reignited my enthusiasm for the device. I still hate the name and I'm not buying one until I test it out first, but I think Apple has another winner on their hands (no pun intended). To me, the iPad (and whatever copycats follow) could be the collective stakes that drive through the hearts of netbooks (and e-book readers) everywhere. Especially when armed with the iWork suite. In the words of the immortal Peter Griffin: freakin' sweet! But, until I venture to an Apple Store to test-drive one, I'll just watch the keynote, drool over the product pages on Apple's website, and groove to the new ad. [youtube=]